Bio-reveal@ Ultrasnap ATP  swabs and Bio-reveal@ Systemsure Plus Luminometer

In evaluating the level of surface contamination ESS uses the  Bio-Reveal real time bio-contamination  detection  system.  


The Bio-reveal@ Ultrasnap ATP  swabs and Bio-reveal@ Systemsure Plus luminometer will be used to  determine the  level of surface  contamination for viable fungi, molds, biofilms and  related microbial organisms and environmental biological  matter.
 The purpose of the sampling is to determine the level of biological surface  contamination of building material and content surfaces that  may be impacted by mold growth bioamplification. 

The Bio-reveal@ system will allow water loss responders, restoration professionals, remediation contractors and the Indoor  Environmental  Professional (IEP) the real-time ability to quantify the mold and fungi contamination condition (Condition 1, 2 or 3) as defined by the IICRC S520 for  the indoor  environment relative to  the presence of mold and related biological contamination. The system can be utilized in water loss evaluations (IICRC S500) in establishing the category (1,2,3) of water. 

The Bio-reveal@ system also allows the user the ability to provide quality assurance  for the remediation process and post remediation verification testing for cleaned and  sanitized building materials and contents that  are remaining or  being restored. 

Bio-reveal@ is an extremely  sensitive system and can indicate the  presence of not only dangerous mold and bacterial organisms but somatic materials and bio-films as well,   which are also problematic  and are not addressed or detected through traditional testing methods, such as culturing or  air sampling techniques.

The Bio-reveal@ bio-contamination detection system is designed to evaluate the level of surface cleanliness and sanitized hygiene in the indoor environment.